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Eco-Friendly Goodwood® Products

The easiest cleanest-burning wood fires for Fireplaces, Woodstoves, and Outdoor Firepits

Our all-wood firelogs provide the ambience and heat of premium firewood, but are better for the environment and easier to use. Available in easy-lighting Goodwood® Firebags, Goodwood® Grab & Go boxes, or in bulk logs by the case.


Goodwood® Firebags

JUST LIGHT THE BAG! for a cleaner-burning wood fire that burns up to 2 hours… our 5lb easy-light bags are the preferred choice of luxury Bay Area resorts and glamping facilities. Safe for cooking!


Bulk All-Wood Firelogs

Our 30-lb case of all-wood firelogs is the eco-friendly alternative to regular firewood… cleaner-burning, more compact, easier to transport and store

NEW!!   Goodwood® Grab & Go!

Our 7.5lb box of all-wood firelogs and kindling is pre-assembled and ready to go… JUST LIGHT THE BOX! Perfect for Fireplaces, Woodstoves and Outdoor Firepits. Safe for Cooking!

Your purchase helps plant trees! We donate 5% of all online proceeds to One Tree Planted for their re-forestation work. At one dollar per tree, you've helped us plant THOUSANDS OF TREES! THANK YOU!
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