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Goodwood Firebags – CALIFORNIA ONLY (case of 4)


5.0 (4 reviews)
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For the easiest, cleanest-burning wood fire – JUST LIGHT THE BAG!

See why luxury resorts are switching to Goodwood. Our patented easy-light bag produces a beautiful wood fire with the same ease as lighting a wax-based firelog. 1+ hrs burn-time per Firebag.
20 total lbs.


4 reviews for Goodwood Firebags – CALIFORNIA ONLY (case of 4)

  1. Maria Lazar

    We were in a sea side hotel in Northern California and had a burlap bag of logs in our room which we lit up. Burned clean and long, very nice.

  2. Michael G

    We’ve used these at the Beach House in Half Moon Bay. Great product. Easy burn. Will be ordering some for the house this coming winter. Review stars didn’t show but it’s a 5 star review.

  3. gloria taya

    We also used these at Halfmoon Bay Beach House and loved it. Ordering some for this winter 2021!

  4. Cristy

    Used these first at the Fairmont – so easy, clean and convenient!

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