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How are Goodwood Firelogs different from other supermarket firelogs?
Goodwood® Firelogs are 100% wood made from surplus lumber mill shavings. Most firelogs you find in retail stores are wax-based logs, made of at least 60% petroleum or vegetable wax, miscellaneous industrial by-products and sawdust. For more information on this, look at our “Know What You’re Burning” page.

How do Goodwood Firelogs compare to cordwood?
A full cord of wood is approximately 90 cubic ft, weighs 2500-3500 lbs depending on the species, has a moisture content of 20-25% and a net heating value of approximately 15-18M Btu’s. A pallet of densified wood firelogs typically weighs 2000 lbs, has a moisture content of 5% and a net heating value of 17.2M Btu’s. Depending on your region, the price of a pallet of wood firelogs is roughly comparable to the price for a cord of wood, however you will find that cordwood pricing, quality and availability fluctuates greatly throughout the year. It is good to know that pricing, quality, availability, environmental advantages, and overall convenience of our firelogs will remain consistent throughout the year.

Can I use Goodwood Firelogs in my wood stove?
YES! Densified fuels, including all-wood firelogs and pellets, are preferred for woodstoves and heating. It is important to understand your fireplace, chimenea or wood stove heat rating — some manufacturers say not to burn more than three densified wood logs at a time because too much heat may be produced.

Where does the wood come from?
The wood shavings used for Goodwood® Firelogs are the by-product of lumber millworking. The diversion of this woody biomass from landfill to wood firelog production ensures that tens of thousands of pounds of millwaste are utilized rather than landfilled each week.

How long does a Goodwood® Firelog Bag burn?
As with regular firewood, the duration of a wood fire varies depending on airflow, placement of logs and tending. Pound for pound, all-wood firelogs burn longer than firewood. In an open fireplace, our easy-light 6-lb bag burns for 1.5-2 hours.

Why a burlap bag?
In keeping with our mission to work only with natural resources, we chose jute, a fiber derived from the woody stem of an annual plant that grows like a weed throughout Asia and West Africa. The jute fiber bag lights easily, burns cleanly and has a pleasant, natural scent. After the jute is lit, it ignites the woodchips and wood firelog pieces inside. An all-natural product that is consumed completely in the fireplace.

Where can I buy your products?
Goodwood® Products are distributed directly to Bay Area resorts and recreation customers via cargo van or LTL Freight. Residential customers can purchase cases, half pallets or pallets at our warehouse — Call 877-872-8341 x1 (Jen) for more information and to arrange for pickup. Or visit our Online Store for package delivery to your door via UPS.

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