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Focusing on Sustainability

Goodwood® Products are being developed to help stabilize our relationship with our forests. We believe good wood should never go to waste. Every speck of sawdust, every pile of woodchips, every truckload of tree trimming waste has the potential to be part of our sustainable, renewable energy future.

Surplus biomass can be used to produce densified bio-fuels. Densified fuels such as wood pellets or wood firelogs burn cleaner than regular firewood, with fewer particulates, due to their higher density and lower moisture content. Bio-fuels are considered carbon-neutral, unlike fossil-fuel-based products that increase carbon loads in our atmosphere.

A Small Step That Can Make a Big Difference

Simply by switching to densified fuels such as wood firelogs or wood pellets in our fireplaces, woodstoves and campfires, we help reduce waste in our landfills, reduce particulate matter pollution in our neighborhoods, and help mitigate global climate change.

Helping to Improve Forest Health

Millions of acres of American forests are choked with unnaturally dense vegetation, leaving them susceptible to disease and catastrophic wildfires. In our vision of a sustainable energy future, surplus woody biomass from forest and backyard clean-up operations is used to produce clean-burning, carbon-neutral solid fuels and energy.

Helping to Reduce Waste

Wood waste represents up to 28 percent of the solid waste stream in landfills. Goodwood® Firelogs are made from clean wood shavings and sawdust captured at the lumber mill, diverting thousands of tons of this by-product from the landfill.

Helping Clear the Air

Goodwood® All-Wood Firelogs emit 25-50% less particulates than regular firewood due to their higher density and lower moisture content. Densified fuels, such as wood pellets and our all-wood firelogs are considered carbon-neutral, unlike fossil-fuel-based products that contribute to global warming when burned.

Your purchase helps plant trees! We donate 5% of all online proceeds to One Tree Planted for their re-forestation work. At one dollar per tree, you've helped us plant THOUSANDS OF TREES since October! THANK YOU!
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