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Bay Area Resorts Spare the Air

WATSONVILLE, CA — An increasing number of Bay Area resorts are using Goodwood® Firelog Bags in their wood-burning fireplaces to help reduce woodsmoke pollution without compromising this important guest amenity. By switching from firewood to all-wood firelogs, large-scale users can help keep pollution levels from exceeding new stricter air standards. Reducing woodsmoke can help reduce the number of days when those standards are exceeded and fireplace usage is restricted.

Going green is important to hospitality and recreation industries. Initiatives like Asilomar Conference Grounds’ Green Thread® Environmental Program and Fairmont’s Green Partnership are fundamental to company operations. In keeping with these programs, resorts are switching from regular firewood or wax-based logs to easy-lighting Goodwood Firelog Bags in their fireplace suites. Guests are able to enjoy the sought-after ambience and experience of real wood, while using a greener, cleaner-burning product.

“Most people in the Bay Area are familiar with ‘Spare the Air’ announcements,” says Jennifer Young, owner of Goodwood Products. “But most people don’t know there is an all-wood alternative to firewood that can reduce woodsmoke emissions by about half. Resorts in our area are making a difference by building awareness of this green, clean-burning alternative to regular firewood, wax logs and gas.”

Goodwood Firelogs are densified wood firelogs made from surplus mill shavings diverted from landfills. This biomass material is compressed – “densified” – into all-wood firelogs, bound only by the natural lignin in wood, without the use of waxes and additives typical of supermarket firelogs. Densified fuels, such as wood pellets and wood firelogs, are preferred by air quality and environmental agencies as they burn with 25-50% fewer particulates than firewood and are carbon-neutral renewable, sustainable resource products.

Goodwood Products are sold directly to resorts, recreation facilities, retail stores and residences. Cases of the popular easy-lighting Firebags and Grab & Go Boxes are also available online through the company’s Online Store.

Contact: Jennifer Young
Phone/Fax: 877-872-8341
Email: jyoung@goodwoodproducts.com

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