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Goodwood® All-Wood Firelogs

The eco-friendly alternative…Cleaner-burning all-wood firelogs, made from clean surplus mill shavings, compressed (densified) and bound only by the natural lignin in the wood —no wax or other additives. 30-lb case contains eight 12.5″ logs. Equivalent Btu’s to 1.35 cu ft seasoned hardwood. Safe for cooking!

  • Cleaner-burning than regular firewood due to higher density and lower moisture content (50+% fewer particulates)
  • 100% sustainable, renewable resources: a carbon-neutral alternative that reduces waste and smoke pollution
  • The most eco-friendly wood for Fireplaces, Woodstoves and Outdoor Firepits


Barcode: 830647000145
Dimensions: 13.0 (w) x 13.0 (d) x 7.0 (h)
Weight:  30 lbs (480 oz)
Units per case: 1

Cases per Pallet: 72


For inquiries or orders, send us a message and we will be back to you asap. Or simply give us a call at 877-872-8341.

Your purchase helps plant trees! We donate 5% of all online proceeds to One Tree Planted for their re-forestation work. At one dollar per tree, you've helped us plant THOUSANDS OF TREES! THANK YOU!
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